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Nama*:Francesca Kourtney
Judul*:Sell:Apple iphone 5,Apple iphone 4s
Skype id:::::scott.mcneil73
Tel # +447012961422
ICQ MSN......611353916

Some of our offers include: everything else that you normally get from product etc...

Apple iPhone 5G 64GB(Unlocked) ...$500USD
Apple iPhone 5G 32GB(Unlocked)....$450USD
Apple iPhone 5G 16GB(Unlocked)....$400USD
Apple iPhone 4S 64GB(Unlocked)....$350USD
Apple iPhone 4S 32gb (Unlocked)...$300USD
Apple iPhone 4S 16gb(Unlocked)....$250USD
Apple iPhone 4G 32gb (Unlocked)...$200USD
Apple iphone 4G 16gb (Unlocked)...$180USD
Apple iphone 3GS 32GB(Unlocked)...$150USD
Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB (Unlocked)..$130USD
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